Traces of War in Pori – conflict archaeology and local history


The course of Pori adult educational center focuses on the methodology of conflict archaeology and introduces participants into the wartime history of Pori, especially concerning Pori airfield and German presence in Pori. Four days long archaeological excavation is organized as part of the course nearby the current Pori Airport. The goal of the excavation is to produce new information about the life in the home front.

Participants can choose to take part only on the lectures or both the lectures and excavation. Lectures are organized at Satakunta Museum and excavation in Porin metsä ("Pori forest"). Lecturer and leader of the excavation is archaeologist Teemu Väisänen. 

You can sign up to the course from 20.8. at 9.30 AM on Pori adult educational center's website > course number 16100S (lectures) or 16110S (lectures and excavation).

Straight links:

Lectures (20 euros):

Lextures and excavation (52 euros):


  • Thu 27.8. 18-19.30 History of Pori airfield and Satakunta in war
  • Tue 1.9. 18-19.30 Introduction to conflict archaeology
  • Thu 3.9. 18-19.30 Archaeological methodology and techniques for excavations
  • Sat-Sun 5.-6.9. 10-16 Excavation weekend 1
  • Sat-Sun 12.-13.9. 10-16 Excavation weekend 2
  • Tue 29.9. 18-19.30 Introduction to post-excavation work and finds
  • Thu 1.10. 18-19.30 Latest results of the research project, plans for the future and comparisons to other wartime research sites

Participants who choose to take part solely on the lectures are arranged a guided visit to the excavation site on 12.9.