European Heritage Days


Satakunta Museum organizes guided tours around wartime sites and archaeological excavations of Porin metsä ("Pori Forest") during European Heritage Day weekend on September 12, 2020 at 1 and 3 pm.

Tours leave from the parking lot of the Finnish Aviation Academy (Ilmailuopistontie 221) at aforementioned times. You can reach the academy best on bicycle or car. Tours take around 1,5 hours and they are free of charge. They include walking on forestry roads, so remember to pick good shoes and clothing suitable to the weather!

Tours are led by Satakunta Museum's archaeologist Leena Koivisto, researcher Teemu Väisänen and museum lecturer Carita Tulkki. Tours are held in Finnish.

Photo: Wartime aircraft taxiways are now used by horses.